Venowave Technology

The Venowave

The Venowave is a compact battery-operated, peristaltic pump that generates a wave-form motion. When worn firmly on the calf, the device produces upward volumetric displacement, which translates to an increase in blood flow. Based upon patented wave generating technology, the Venowave is available in two models with varying wave frequency dependent upon the unique needs of the patient.

Weighing only 270 g (about half a pound), and operating by means of two AA batteries, the Venowave enables an active lifestyle while delivering impressive clinical efficacy across a class of diseases that have developed as a result of poor circulation.

The new Venowave is the first product of its kind to offer patients convenient, mobile, effective and discreet circulation support.

Venowave Mobile Peristaltic Wave Pump
  • Size: 190 mm x 100 mm x 48 mm
    (without wrap and packaging)
  • Maximum Circumference of Wrap: 64 cm
  • Wavelength: 140 mm
  • Weight: 270 g
  • ISO 13485, FDA, CE, Health Canada Approved.