The Venowave for Lymphedema

Venowave Leg Application

How The Venowave Can Help

The Venowave is a medical device that has been statistically proven to assist in lymphatic drainage. Traditionally, compression stockings and bandages have been the gold standard in lymphedema treatment until today. The Venowave can be used alone or in conjunction with compression stockings.

The Venowave is applied to the back of the calf and gently stimulates the lymphatic system mimicking a continuous lymphatic drainage massage. The Venowave is unique because it is lightweight (270g, about half a pound), discreet and allows patients to remain completely mobile. There are no wires, tubes or sleeves. The Venowave can be used in hospital or during homecare.

The Venowave is Useful For

  • Stimulating the body's Lymphatic System
  • Acting as a continuous lymphatic drainage massage
  • Diminishing post-operative pain and swelling
  • Enhancing circulation