The Venowave for Athletic Enhancement

Venowave Leg Application

How The Venowave Can Help

The Venowave is a medical device that has been statistically proven to increase circulation in the lower extremities and prevent DVT's (blood clots) from occurring. Traditionally, pneumatic pumps and massage therapy have been the gold standard in treating athletes- until today. The Venowave can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions.

For treating injuries and cool downs after workouts, the Venowave increases circulation and draws a higher level of oxygen to exhausted or injured muscles, promoting faster healing. For warm ups, the Venowave gently massages muscles to prepare and prevent injuries from occurring. Lastly, the Venowave prevents blood clotting and helps to fend off potential DVT's during travel and long haul flights.

The Venowave is applied to the back of the calf and mimics the body's venous system forcing the blood to be pumped from the legs increasing blood circulation. The Venowave is unique because it is lightweight (270g, about half a pound), discreet and allows athletes to remain completely mobile. There are no wires, tubes or sleeves.

The Venowave is Useful For

The Venowave has quickly become the treatment of choice for orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and professional and Olympic athletes.

  • Warm ups and cool downs - recover faster and be at peak performance
  • Injuries – prevent and treat acute and chronic injuries
  • Post surgical rehab - heal faster with less pain