Global Partners

Geographic Expansion

The Venowave manufactured and distributed by Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. can be used by patients in all regions of the world. The widespread need for blood circulatory improvement provided by the Venowave are conditions experienced by people worldwide. It is the intention of Saringer Life Science Technologies to market and sell The Venowave medical device in many regions of the world.

Strategic Relationships

Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. has had a successful history of entering into strategic relationships with world class health organizations. In particular the partnership with McMaster University, Hamilton Health Sciences and many of their leading physicians has advanced the development and commercial readiness of Saringer's market ready product, the Venowave. The company wishes to develop and enhance its existing strategic relationship and will source out other opportunities with world-leading medical institutions. Active discussions are currently taking place with top health institutions around the world.

Product Distribution

Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. has strategically chosen to engage in distribution contracts with dealers around the world. Currently the organization is looking to further its reach through distribution patnerships. Please contact us for distribution opportunities.